Arriving in Lisbon by plane

You arrive at Lisbon Airport and then what? You can travel by car (rented), grab a taxi or continue by metro or bus. Have a look at the possibilities by watching the short videos!

Approaching Lisbon means: fenomenal views out of the airplane window!

Do you want to continue your journey by taxi or (Aero)bus?

Rather travel by metro to the city center?

What to do with your luggage? There are storage facilities at the airport! Take a look how to get there:

Travelling back? Some carriers use only Terminal 2. Here is a short video how you get to terminal 2 from terminal 1. Just a short note: terminal 1 is quite posh. Terminal 2 is awful. Sometimes travellers do not even have a place to sit while waiting for the planes to leave.


To rent a car
To rent a car? In the arrival hall follow the signs towards the metro!
Lisbon Airport
Opposite the door leading to the arrival hall you will find the officil Tourism Information desk! Outside you will find many taxis willing to drive you to your final destination in Portugal.
Lisbon Airport
Arrival hall: for the metro you pass the glass doors. Towards rent a car? Follow the other signs!




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