Highway toll payment

They say it ensures greater speed of circulation. Sure. But in my humble opinion the actual Portuguese toll system on highways is complicated and a nuisance for drivers with a foreign license plate or a rented car.

Some roads become a electronic toll road without the possibility of changing our itinerary. Friends keep asking me: Can I pay afterwards? And how do I avoid this in the future?

How to manage toll in Portugal?

Well, you have a choice!

Via Verde device

Rent a Temporary Via Verde device! The rent-a-car companies will offer you to hire such a device (normally 1,5 euros a day with a maximum of 15 euros). I vividly recommend renting a Via Verde when travelling in a rented car.



If you want to visit Portugal shortly (long weekend) and you are driving a ‘light vehicle’ use tollservice and buy a ‘vignette’. This prepaid system allows you to travel three days on Portuguese highways.


You don’t need to leave your car if you are entering Portugal from Spain at the following locations:

A28 – Viana do Castelo

A24 – Chaves

A25 – Vilar Formoso

A22 – Vila Real de Santo Antonio

At the border posts you sign up for the EASYtoll system. This system associates your credit card (Mastercard of Visa) to the license plate of your vehicle. By entering your credit card at the payment terminal the system automatically associates the vehicle’s license plate to the bankcard. The toll rates owed are now directly debited to your bankaccount.


The TOLLCard is an “on the shelf” product, activated through an SMS, with a fixed amount to be consumed depending on circulation. This solution allows payment in cash or with bankcard and is valid for one year. You can buy a pre-loaded card with 5, 10, 20 or 40 € (with an added service cost of 0.60€+VAT for each purchased card).


Paying afterwards

You didn’t use  a tollcard, the easytoll sytem, a vignette or a via verde device when travelling by car? You passed electronic toll without paying? There is always the possibility of chekcing and paying your toll afterwards. Around two days after passing an electronic toll barrier you ask at a local Post Office what you have to pay. Or visit website www.pagamentosdeportagens.pt in order to pay online (much easier!).

Toll locations and rates

See here the toll locations and rates in Algarve, Baixo Tejo, Beira Interior, Beiras Litoral e Alta, Costa de Prata, Grande Porto, Interior Norte, Litoral Oeste, Norte Litoral, Pinhal Interior and Transmontana.


portugal-electronic-tolls-signPrepare your trip

Before travelling to Portugal by car? Check the webistes mentioned, information can be out-of-date. Website Portugal Tolls can be of great help!


Friends ask  if I know  a reliable rent-a-car company frequently. We use to rent ourselves at Sunny Cars and we are very satisfied. The company policy includes fully comprehensive insurance (damage to glass, roof, tires and underbody are covered, as well!) and unlimited mileage. So at the airport I needn’t wory when rent-a-car employees try to scare me in order to sell more insurances!

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