Carnival celebrations in Caldas da Rainha

Carnival in Caldas usually kicks off on Thursday night with a party for the elderly in the big expo-hall near the roundabout of fuel station Galp and Staples Office Center. On Friday the city centre comes alive during a colourful parade of primary school children. Hundreds of bees, princesses and pirates wind their way through the streets of this medieval town at the Portuguese Silver Coast.

Saturday night it’s the turn of all sorts of ghosts, Arabian princesses, clowns and, this year, a lot of Trump look-a-likes, to come out of their warm houses and walk to the square where religion, justice and political power are fraternelly represented. Around half past ten the nighlty parade starts, followed by a ball in the ancient park.

For weeks inhabitants of Caldas, people from surrounding villages and association members have been working on trailers for the parade. Luckily they are scheduled to run three times during the Carnival celebrations.  Once on Saturday night, followed by Sunday and Tuesday afternoon at three o’clock. .Enough opportunity to show off their creations and perform in front of the gathered crowds!



Besides the parades,  there are two balls in the park, starting at 23.00 hours on Saturday and Monday night.

So, if you missed it this year. Do come next year!

Carnival parades

Hundreds of colourful performers make their way down from the tiny railwaystation, across the main avenue, Avenida 1 de Maio, to the square where the city mayor waits patiently on the staircase of the Town Hall. A wide range of topics comes by: Trump’s politics, protests against medical care and references to the historical thermal character are leading this year.

Where to stay?

Rural, Dutch owned,  Bed and Breakfasts  (some of them with glamping facilities) near Caldas da Rainha:

Quinta Verde in Salir de Matos

Quinta Japonesa in Carvalhal Benfeito

Quinta da Montanha in Casal do Frade

Quinta da Laranja in Almofala

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